Raven Consultancy

Who we are

Raven Consulancy B.V. i.o. is Gayatri Ramanujam and Michiel Doeven. Between us we share a couple of decades of experience in the field of process modelling, software development, IT services, support management, change management and more.

Gayatri Ramanujam

Gayatri started as Process Control Engineer for a petrochemical engineering company and moved from there to Sub Contract Manager, Cost Control, to a Process Architect role. She is one of the very few people to know almost all business processes in the areas of management processes, core processes and support processes. Her MBA thesis subject was on how to apply the work processes of high reliability organizations to other industries.

Michiel Doeven

After a study Electronics, Michiel started as software developer. Now he also is experienced in all aspects of application management (incident management, request management, change management and release management).

We believe that we are a lean dream team. We combine the best functional specialist with the best technical specialist. And where we might miss any knowledge, we know where to get it.


Co-founder of Raven Consulancy
Process Architect
Managing PartnerGayatri Ramanujam
Co-founder of Raven Consultancy
Technical Specialist
Managing PartnerMichiel Doeven